Thursday, February 21, 2008

Christmas Knitting 2008

Christmas knitting for 2007 was a bust. I attempted too much and started too late. So now those scarves, many in progress, will be given as birthday gifts throughout the year. But...

I wanted to make my 2 nephews sweaters for Christmas. Never even got started on them. I decided in the past couple of days to start them now, and then those projects will be done by Christmas. It feels weird knitting gifts 10 months hence. And then my sisters (3) saw me working on Christmas stockings at Thanksgiving and they kept saying how cool they were. I guess a not so subtle hint isn't lost on me. So, in between sweaters, I'll do Christmas stockings. But I won't use worsted weight yarn. The pattern I have can be done in chunky yarn too, on size 10 needles. Those should knit up quick. Funny thing is that beyond a scarf for myself when I started knitting, I haven't done anything else for me. As you can see by the sidebar, I've got a couple things going for myself-and they have been languishing too long.

I'm not in a bad place, compared to other folks. Yesterday I did a Google search on people who have multiple knitting projects in progress. Some people have had sweaters on the needles for 21 years! How could they remember where they left off? Socks seem to be the worst offender-second sock syndrome. But I felt better knowing that I am far far away from having boxes under the bed of unfinished projects.

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