Friday, January 11, 2008

Tough Love

My friend Eric over at had to practice some tough love with me the other day. Eric was the first person to teach me the basics of knitting 2 years ago-and with much patience he helped me get through my first scarf. I still depend on him and Scott (his partner) at for my sometimes dumbass knitting questions.

Anyway, the other day I was asking him what class I should take at our FYS (Favorite Yarn Store) The Yarnery in St Paul. I was thinking about the class in knitting an Aran sweater. Eric suggested I wait a bit before taking that class. At first I thought he was telling me I didn't possess the skills to tackle an Aran sweater. But when he elaborated, he said he was practicing tough love with me, because of the vast number of projects I have going.

So my New Years resolution is to have no more than 3 projects going at any one time. I'm kind of embarrassed because the scarfs I promised for my family for Christmas weren't done in time, so now they will become birthday presents scattered through the next 12 months. Luckily, we have a lot of fall/winter birthdays in our family. But I was putting myself through way too much torture trying to get like 12 scarves done. So, right now, I am working on a Knitting Pure and Simple v-neck sweater for myself, a reversible cable scarf (again for me), and a pair of socks. My sister's birthday is February 10 and her scarf is almost complete except for the weaving in of ends. Ok, so I guess I can have 4 projects going-the scarves for birthday presents really don't count (I'm rationalizing here).

I also sorted yarn over the past couple of days. One bin has yarn for the presents. Another has sock yarn, another has just odds and ends, and some stuff I won at a fundraiser last May, and finally, the bin for felted projects-I made a bunch of felted bowls for Christmas presents for Richard's family and other friends-luckily all those got done. But I still have yarn for several more bowls. I am feeling less schizo and more organized about my knitting obsession. But Eric, when you read this, I'd still like to take the Aran sweater class.

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Eric said...

You're right. The tough love (oops--I first wrote "touch love") part was about multiple projects, not your skills as a knitter. You can do this class; in fact, I wouldn't be surpised if you could learn Aran knitting without a class. So for that reason, as well as needing to get rid of one more project, I say still stand by my earlier decision. Love you!