Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Do Not Admit Guilt

I have made it to (almost) age 50 without a car accident (ask me about that ugly fire hose incident when I was in college-that was the only traffic violation I've ever had). Until yesterday.

Decided to stop off at a downtown Minneapolis retail establishment that has a smallish parking lot. I pulled into a spot, and realized it was the handicapped slot. So I started backing up, checking about me, and wham-I hit something.(at this point I'm not sure who hit who). Got out of the car to be encountered by 2 twentysomethings yelling at me, the usual "didn't you hear me honk, didn't you look" etc. I looked at my car and saw nothing wrong. I looked at their car-the back bumper had some damage to it-like part of it was missing. The guy of this duo pointed to a dent above the right wheel well. He said that was where the damage was.

The 20something girl came over and was distraught. Her boyfriend said she got hit about 3 days ago in the front of this same car and that's why she was so upset. He said we had 2 options: I could call my insurance company right there and admit I hit them, or we could call the police.

I couldn't get over why I should call my insurance company. We exchanged the requisite insurance information, then I called Richard and told him what was going on. As I was in the car talking with him the 20something woman is yelling at me "who are you talking to? you are the rudest person I have ever met! You really need to get a new attitude! You never even said you were sorry! " When she asked me again who I was talking to, I said "my partner." Evidently boyfriend didn't hear her because he said "what did he say." She said "he's gay!"

They wouldn't let up on this rant of calling my insurance company. So I said I'd call the police instead. As I was calling, I could see them going through their car and they proceeded to empty a trash can from their car into the garbage can in front of the store. Wondered what all that was about?

Don't know how it transpired, but they called the police who said we could file a report with, and call our insurance companies to report the accident. 20something couple then told the police they didn't need to come.

Any guesses about 1) what was being discarded and 2) why they were so against calling the police? ?